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Covid-19: 4 Ways to Lead in Adversity (English version)

In just a short time, Coronavirus has had a major impact on the world, closing borders, sending stock markets on wild swings and leaving people everywhere unsure of what comes next.

As in any time of uncertainty, companies across the world are naturally concerned about the impact to their financial performance. On top of that, and perhaps more importantly, they also must address concerns about employee safety and psychological well-being that go far beyond what arises during the normal course of business.

Employees are now looking to leaders and executive teams to take actions that protect both them and the business. The pressure and urgency make it tempting to act quickly, without thoughtful consideration of all potential consequences.

Instead, more than ever, leaders need to demonstrate the high-trust, For All™ leadership.

Here are a few ways you can guide your teams through this crisis:

1. Consider how COVID-19 impacts everyone

Leaders do not only think of the employee’s psychological and physical well-being, but also about their families, friends and their pet’s health. A good leader also thinks about their business as part of the larger society – and acts for the good of everyone.

Ensure that your employees can continue to work safely and comfortably in a way that keeps them financially secure. If you have the opportunity to offer your employees the possibility to work from home with the same salary it is to be recommended.

Clear guidelines for how you work in the physical workplace and who is allowed to visit should be communicated to employees, suppliers, and customers alike.

2. Do not distribute unnecessary concerns or incorrect information

In these times, it is easy to get confused about all the information that is about, especially when experts and professional thinkers give conflicting advice. Avoid making decisions based on what you have read on social media and only follow the advice that comes from the government, WHO and the public health authority.

3. Communicate openly – and listen

For many employees, ambiguity and uncertainty are the worst part of a crisis. As a leader, you should share the information you have. If you are transparent, your employees will not feel the same fear and insecurities and will be able to keep engaged and keep their peace – which is important for the whole business.

Equally important is that you listen to your employees. Take their thoughts and suggestions seriously.

4. Keep the engagement alive and kicking

Virtual coffee, daily joint digital team meetings, video calls instead of emails or telephone calls are examples of things you can put in place to keep the engagement flowing.

We’ll get through this

However long COVID-19 impacts our lives and our work, eventually life will go back to normal.  And the world will understand that we are all connected and better together than apart.  

With thoughtful, For All leadership, your company and your people will thrive both during and after this time of uncertainty.

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