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Employer Branding:
A hands on online course 

Dates:                            Wednesdays in May and June

Time:                              09.30-12.00

Price:                             650 EUR/session or 1,600 EUR for the whole course (regular price 3,250 EUR)

Number of spots:      max 12 participants/session

Course leader:           Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt, specialist in Employer Branding

Target group:             Professionals within HR; marketing or management


Great Place to Work Institute:
Employer Branding - an online course in 5 steps 

Even though we have been hit by uncertain times, it is important to focus on Employer Branding. In fact, during these hard times, it is required.

To succeed, the process you should adapt is to develop your offer, describe it and plan for how to go to market. Work strategically with your Employer Branding, to secure your organization’s future success. Make sure that you are as strong as you possibly can be for when better times come. Because they will, they always do.

And you know what – your entire strategy, your offer and your plan for the future can be done online – from your home office.

In the coming weeks, we are launching our online Employer Branding 101 course in Europe and naturally we will cover how and why Employer Branding is important in a time of crisis.


Course outline
  1.  This is Employer Branding         May 20th
  2.  Get started!                                     May 27th
  3.  Target groups                                June 3rd
  4.  Content, content, content        June 10th
  5.  Test, tweak and learn                  June 17th


Completing the full course

By completing the full course – all 5 sessions - you will:

  • Have the templates and tools to form your People Plan
  • Be equipped with arguments and tools to drive and showcase your Employer Branding efforts internally
  • Have the know-how and tools to put together your Employer Value Proposition
  • Have an understanding for how to choose the right channels and formats for your content
  • Be able to develop content that is relevant and that stands out
  • Be inspired and motivated to get started, and develop and improve your Employer Branding

By the end of the course you will receive the Great Place to Work certificate in Employer Branding.



About the session:

  • Background and definition of the term
  • Why Employer Branding and why in a time of crisis?
  • The link and connection between engagement and Employer Branding


Are you the right person for this course? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions - then yes!

  1.  Are you responsible for Employer Branding within your organization?
  2.  Is it important for you to have an efficient recruitment process and high employee engagement?
  3.  Do you want to learn more about Employer Branding?
  4.  Are you unsure about how to define your EVP?
  5.  Do you find it challenging to internally explain the value of Employer Branding?


2) EMPLOYER BRANDING: How to get started

About the session:

  • Define your needs
  • Integrate Employer Branding with overall organizational goals
  • Get ”buy in” within the organization
  • Build a strategy


Are you the right person for this course? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions - then yes!

  1.  Do you want your efforts in Employer Branding to be an important contribution to the overall performance within the organization?
  2.  Do you want to make sure your efforts get the appropriate attention and response internally?
  3.  Do you want to set clear goals and targets for your area?
  4.  Are you struggling with thinking and planning strategically?
  5.  Are you unsure about what your efforts will lead to?



About the session:

  • Define your internal and external target groups
  • How do we make ourselves relevant to the target group?
  • Channels, formats


Are you the right person for this course? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions - then yes!

  1.  Are you unsure about what channels to use to reach your target group?
  2.  Do your employees need better information about what is going on in the organization?
  3.  Do you find it challenging to reach out with your message to current and future employees?
  4.  Do you find it challenging to find the words that match the expectations within the organization?
  5.  Do you want to understand the new generation of employees?



About the session:

  • What is content?
  • How do you create content?
  • What makes content good or bad?


Are you the right person for this course? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions - then yes!

  1.  Are you unsure about what content to have on your career site?
  2.  Are you unsure about what content to share on social media?
  3.  Do you know what content you should have and what it should aim for, but not sure which format is the best?
  4.  Do you want to know what "Content Marketing" really means? 

About the session:

  • How do you measure your efforts?
  • How do you learn from your efforts?


Are you the right person for this course? If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions - then yes!

  1.  Do you want to set up KPIs for efforts and initiatives within Employer Branding?
  2.  Do you  want to know what to include when measuring your ROI?
  3.  Do you find it difficult to know what to do with results?
  4.  Do you want to be able to use hard facts in your strategical work?
  5.  Do you believe your evaluation tools could be improved?


About the course leader

For over 20 years, Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt has helped organizations from a wide range of sizes, industries and markets understand the importance of Employer Branding, form a strategy, develop EVP:s and plan for how to put the Employer Brand to work.

She has worked in Sweden, the US and London and several of her clients have been international. Two years ago, Anne Margrethe joined Great Place to Work and is now supporting organizations that want to form their strategy and tactics based on engagement and culture. Which is the only way to create Employer Branding content today, given that authenticity and true stories are essential to the target groups: both current and future employees. 

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